Meet the USA Office Team

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Heleen van Tonder

President and CEO
Heleen started Golden Opportunities more than 20 years ago. Starting with one client and having the moto of “Your Satisfaction is our Inspiration” helped her build a very successful business. Her dedication to clients and her passion for people has propelled Golden Opportunities into the business it is today. She loves helping employers find great, reliable employees. She loves helping employees build long-lasting relationships with great employers.

Gabriel Oosthuysen

Program Director
Gabriel worked for Golden Opportunities for several years before taking on a position at a Critical Access Hospital. There he worked himself into the position of Chief HR Officer where he implemented many new process improvement ideas. Golden Opportunities recruited him to return to the company to bring his innovation and passion for people to the organization. He handles the filing process for employers with all agencies.

Justin Slone

Administrative Associate
Justin joined us in April 2023. Justin’s previous customer service experience makes him a great fit for our team. His degree in Business Management gives him the skills and background to complete the job. Justin prides himself in his communication and relationship development skills. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team.

Ansa Thomas

Placement Director
Ansa is a great asset to our team. Her innovative approach to solving problems makes her extremely valuable to our organization. Ansa was a Registered Nurse for many years and later in her career transitioned to be a Nurse Informaticist. Her technological and caring background makes her invaluable to this organization. She handles most of the placements and takes pride in matching great employers with great employees.

Shea Toombs

Placement Assistant
Shea joined our team in September of 2021. Shea’s 10+ years’ experience with customer service and customer service training programs makes her a natural fit to assist our customers. Shea’s fun and upbeat personality will be a great asset to our team. She is organized and dedicated to customer service.

Allison Dyer

Administrative Associate
Ali joined our team in April 2022. Ali brings more than 13 years of administrative experience to the job and will be assisting in multiple roles. She is detailed oriented, organized and a self-starter. We are fortunate to have her as part of our team.

Angela Wittwer

Administrative Associate
Angie joined us in April 2023. Angie’s many years of experience with customer service, training, and administration makes her a perfect fit for our team. Angie is a fast learner and hard worker. Angie prides herself in her customer service abilities and being detailed oriented. Her experience coming from Germany adds to a unique background that helps her relate to the program. Before her career in administration Angie was a teacher and has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. We are fortunate to have her as part of our team.

Kimberly Brewster

Compliance Assistant
Kimberly joined our team in August of 2020. Her experience in the Public Health Industry brings a great understanding of helping people with difficult situations to find solutions. She has over 20 years of office experience allowing her to be able to quickly pick up on the many different aspects of the visa programs. She is detail oriented and accuracy is important to her.

Meet the Amazing Golden Opportunities Team

Celia van Heerden

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Steven van Heerden

Recruitment Specialist

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Office Assistant

Janneke Snyman

Office Assistant

Aby-Gale Greybe

Admin Assistant

Robyn Greybe

Admin Assistant

Earn Abroad

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Mexico Office

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