H-2A Process

We are a full-service H-2A Agency. That means we will file all employer required paperwork with the different agencies, we recruit foreign employees that match the employer’s needs, and we will assist the employees to obtain their visas at the US Consulates. We also work with a third party travel agent to make sure that you approve all flights before they are booked.

We have two (2) designated offices that recruit only for Golden Opportunities in South Africa and we have an office that recruits for us in Mexico. We can however bring any H-2A from any of the countries allowed on the H-2A program by working directly with the employer in the event that you have a specific employee you would like to hire from a country where we do not have a recruiting office.

Step 1
Employer completes Golden Opportunities’ application form and returns it to Golden Opportunities for processing.
Step 2
Golden Opportunities will prepare and send the employer the packet to sign. If the employer starts the process in advance, their papers will arrive with enough time to sign and return the signed forms without delaying the application process. Golden Opportunities tries to send it out 2-3 weeks before we need it back.
Step 3
You sign the papers and return it to us by the date listed on the forms. That date is 75 days before your start date, which is the earliest possible day to file an H-2A application. Please not that note returning it by the due date listed on the forms could delay the employer’s application.
Step 4
We submit your application to the State Workforce Agency (SWA) 60-75 days before the employer’s start date. Golden Opportunities always shoot for the 75 days if the employer returns the signed forms back in time.
Step 5
Once the SWA accepts your application we will file your application with the Department of Labor (DOL). This will be no later than 45 days before your start date but typically within a week from filing at the SWA. Most states process applications quickly which allows us to file step five fairly quickly.
Step 6
DOL issues a Notice of Acceptance (NOA). Golden Opportunities will then submit a recruitment report listing any American workers who applied for the position and the results of the recruitment efforts.

DOL could also issue a Notice of Deficiency (NOD) if they need further explanation or information and will give us 5 business days to respond.

Step 7
DOL will approve the employer’s application and issue a Labor Certification no less than 30 days before your start date. Please note that on occasion DOL could be late in processing cases. Not having the housing inspection completed or documents provided timely could also cause a delay in certification.

If the certification is not approved 30 days before your start date, the employees will arrive late.

Step 8
Golden Opportunities submit the employer’s application to the US Department of Homeland Security (USDHS) for final processing before the employees can submit their paperwork to the US Consulate for processing.

Please note that we have a receipt notice there is nothing employees can submit to the consulate. Until the receipt notice is received we cannot even schedule appointments. This usually happens about 2-3 weeks before your start date.

Step 9
USDHS will send a notice of action (approval/request for evidence/denial) 1-2 weeks prior to your start date.
Step 10
The office in the employee’s home country receives the receipt notice and schedules the consulate appointment for the next available appointment date.

(Dates depend on availability and how full the consulate is scheduled. Please note that this is completely out of our control, but we will schedule appointments for the earliest available date)

Step 11
Employee goes to the consulate for their appointment and pays the $190 consulate fee which should be reimbursed to them the first week of employment.

If the employee was in the USA the year before on a H-2A Visa, they do not need to go for an appointment, but instead mail their documents to the consulate.

Step 12
Once the employee’s visa is approved Golden Opportunities will be able to schedule a flight ticket. Golden Opportunities will not schedule flights before since it could take longer than expected resulting in loosing the ticket. Once approved, the agency can track the passport to see when the employee will have it in hand and provide flight quotes using that date.

Employee then buys the approved ticket and waits for their passport. Once the passport arrives, the employee will fly out.

Step 13
Employee Arrives!

This is where you take over. You will pick the employee up at the airport. You put the employee on your payroll and provide orientation and have them complete the necessary paperwork for hiring purposes.

If the employee has not been in the USA before you will need to take them to the Social Security office to apply for a social security number and to the DMV to get their US Driver’s license.